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Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: Phase 1 (Week 4) Results

Month one is done! Wow, that flew. First, I'll get straight to the numbers. 

My beginning stats before Jillian Michaels Body Revolution were:
Weight 174
Waist 30.5
Right Thigh 19.75
Right Calf 13.75
Right Arm 11.75
Bust 39
Hips 40.75

After having completed Phase 1 of Body Revolution they are:
Weight 166
Waist 29.25
Right Thigh 19
Right Calf 13.5
Right Arm 11.5
Bust 38
Hips 40

Considering the looooong plateau I'd been experiencing I'm excited about these results. 

In Phase 1 of Body Revolution I lost: 
8 pounds
1 1/4 inch off my waist
3/4 of an inch off my thigh
1/4 inch off my calf
1/4 inch off my upper arm
1 inch off my bust
3/4 an inch from my hips. 

Video with my brief review of Phase 1 (I will be giving a full review of the entire system once I complete it):

These are exceptional results for me. As I said last week I have not been this size since I was 19, and then only briefly. It's new territory for me. What results to expect from the rest of this program? I'm excited to find out. On to phase 2!

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