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Going Primal 30 Day Challenge Final Weigh In

First, I'll get right to the numbers. My 30 day (OK, 28. I didn't feel the need to do a weigh in post today and then a final post on Friday, it's only 2 days) The Primal Blueprint Challenge weight loss results: 

Beginning Stats September 1st Weight 176 BF% 31.4 Waist 32.5 Right Thigh 20.5 Right Calf 14.25 Right Arm 12 Hips 41.75 Week 1 Stats Weight 175.5 BF% 31.4 (using an Omron BF monitor, results can be fickle) Waist 32.25 Right Thigh 20.5 Right Calf 14

Going Primal Day 26

Yesterday was a pretty great day eating-wise, but not such a great day workout-wise. Meaning: I didn't do the workout I'd planned. I didn't do any workout. Oops. I took an unplanned rest day. No excuses. I wasn't over-tired or feeling like I needed it, I just did. Not letting that happen again today though!

OK, my eats for Monday:

I'm going to go ahead and do my final Going Primal post tomorrow. Wednesday is my regular weigh in day and even though it's not quite the end of the month, it's only 2 days off. So final results, thoughts, all that jazz from this month will be up tomorrow.
If you haven't already, go enter to win this book:
Here's the link to my Everyday Paleo Giveaway. Go, quick, you only have until Friday.

Have a fantastic day!! I'll leave you with a random pic of some of my chickens from the weekend:



I wanted to do something special for my 500th post.

But it flew by unnoticed. 

This post is my 509th post. Time flies when you're having fun.

I guess I'll do something special for my 509th post! Like....

Words to Inspire

I used to do Sunday Quotes. I don't know how popular those posts were, but I enjoyed them.

I thought for a while I would instead do Words to Inspire.

What Would You Like to See More of ???

Changes are coming up for my blog. But that's another post. What I'd really love to know is: what would you like to see more of? If you read this blog, please leave me a comment answering that question. Even if you don't usually comment, even if you don't read that often. I really want to know what people enjoy and want to see more of.

More workout reviews? More daily food tracking posts? Vlogs? Recipes? Running stuff? Anything. What would you like to see more of?

Going Primal Days 20 and 21

I'm a day behind with my tracking, so I decided to post 2 days together. I didn't get all the pics for day 21 so that works out nicely!

Day 20 my workout was a brisk 4.25 mile walk. Day 21 was another walk, 4.2 miles in the cold and major WIND. I think that calls for bonus points.

Day 20's eats:
Day 21 was a strange eating day for sure. Hubby was home to meet with an appraiser for the house in the morning, then offered to do the kids' schooling in the afternoon. So I pretty much just ran a-muck all day. I had a nice walk with a friend in the morning sans kids. Then in the afternoon I ran off grocery shopping etc. It was bliss. But my food was weird/scattered. Anyway, my eats were:
I had a handful of macadamia nuts on the way home from the grocery store, but didn't get a pic. I'm going to take Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off from blog tracking, I'll still be tracking with My Fitness Pal, just not posting. People have been asking for me to post recipes for the fo…

Primal Pumpkin Mini Muffins

I adapted this recipe from the Pumpkin Nut Muffins recipe in The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.

Going Primal Week 3 Results

3 weeks down of my little Going Primal Experiment! I'm going to tweak a few things for the last week, but first to my results so far...

What is Paleo? What is Primal? What's the Difference?

I have had a lot of questions on Paleo and Primal. Questions on Paleo/Primal eating as well as fitness. A common question I get is: What is the difference between Primal and Paleo? Another one is: What should I be eating on Paleo (or Primal)? Or, how should I be working out... You get the picture. Lots of folks are confused or just wondering what the heck they are. 

Going Primal Day 19

Today was a great day. Busy. Homeschooling, housecleaning, life stuff. 

I took a rest day today since I had planned to rest yesterday, but then decided to walk 4 miles because my mom had the kids (free time? what? what?). 

Primal Grocery Haul

I went grocery shopping over the weekend.

Going Primal Day 15

Wow, I'm halfway through my little Going Primal experiment. I feel great. My eating and workouts were awesome this week. Yesterday (day 15) I took an unplanned rest day. I was just feeling very sore and tired, so I listened to my body and skipped a workout. 

My eats:
Breakfast was some Applegate turkey bacon (love that stuff), three large strawberries, and a cup of Green Mountan Sumatran Reserve coffee with one tablespoon of organic whipping cream. Mid-morning I had another cup of coffee with a tablespoon of whipping cream with a handful of:
Lunch was a smoothie: 1 cup water, 1 tablespoon whipping cream, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 scoop Jay Robb vanilla whey protein, and 1 tsp matcha green tea. Yum. You could easily omit the water and cream and replace it with coconut milk if you prefer. I also sometimes add fresh spinach. Peeled and ate an entire grapefruit for a snack. Dinner was my modified version of the Coconut Curry recipe from the Primal Blueprint Cookbook. I don't use coco…

Going Primal Days 12, 13, and 14 Vlog

I started my tracking blog because I was doing daily tracking posts and also doing lots of regular posts on this blog. My reasoning was that I didn't want to bombard people with that many posts on this blog. For those interested in the daily stuff they could follow my tracking blog. Others would just have the usual stuff on this blog. 

However, I haven't had time with our homeschool year starting to post as much on this blog OR that one. So, for the rest of my Going Primal tracking I will be posting my tracking vlogs here.

I am just a blogger, not a doctor, trainer, or any sort of health professional. What you read here are my personal experiences and opinions. Of course, always consult your doctor before trying a diet, supplement, or new workout program.

Going Primal Week 2 Results

The title of this post was almost: I am perplexed. Random, but do you watch The Upside Down Show? The word perplexed will forever remind me of that show. Anyway, it was almost the title of the post because when I got up and weighed this morning I was perplexed! I just knew the scale had moved this week. Nope. Moving on...

Beginning Stats
Weight 176
BF% 31.4
Waist 32.5 Right Thigh 20.5 Right Calf 14.25 Right Arm 12 Hips 41.75 Week 1 Stats Weight 175.5 BF% 31.4 (using an Omron BF monitor, results can be fickle) Waist 32.25 Right Thigh 20.5 Right Calf 14 Right Arm 11.75 Hips 41.75 Week 2 Stats Weight 175.5 BF% 31.5 (I really am wondering how accurate this BF monitor is) Waist  32 Right Thigh 20.25 Right Calf 14 Right Arm 11.75 Hips 40.75
After taking my measurements I felt better, still perplexed, but better. While the scale is still not going down I am glad that I take measurements also.  My waist, thigh, and hip measurements all went down again. So, I am making progress. Whether the scale wants to tell me so …

Just Bucks

Last week I went to the grocery store and the Starbucks sign said:
True enough.

Then this week it just said:

The truth and nothing but?

Going Primal 30 Day Challenge--Week 1 Weigh In

First, I'll get straight to my first week's results on The Primal Blueprint:
Beginning Stats
Weight 176
BF% 31.4

Waist 32.5 Right Thigh 20.5 Right Calf 14.25 Right Arm 12 Hips 41.75 Week 1 Stats Weight 175.5 BF% 31.4 (using an Omron BF monitor, results can be fickle) Waist 32.25 Right Thigh 20.5 Right Calf 14 Right Arm 11.75 Hips 41.75 My first week going Primal I lost half a pound and 3/4 of an inch total. Not bad. I suspect most people would experience bigger losses their first week on Primal, but since I was going Paleo to Primal I'm very pleased with those results.

I'm enjoying Primal. Not going to lie, I LOVE having the organic whipping cream in my coffee. I also really enjoy having whey protein smoothies back. Trying not to go back to using them as a crutch for my protein intake though. Overall I think this is absolutely something I can enjoy long term.

I went back and forth on the whole tracking thing for this experiment. In the book Mark Sisson suggests you track (at least at …

Going Primal 30 Day Challenge

My day 1 of Going Primal was September 1st, so I'm a little bit late getting this up (considering my first weigh in will be Wednesday!). But I thought I should still post my beginning stats and all that jazz for my Going Primal experiment.

Beginning Stats

Weight 176 BF% 31.4% Waist 32.5 Right Thigh 20.5 Right Calf 14.25 Right Arm 12 Hips 41.75
Weigh ins/updates will be weekly on Wednesdays. I'll also be doing daily tracking via videos or posts at Adventures in Tracking if you're interested in more detail like foods I'm eating, workouts I'm doing, etc. Here's a little taste of what I do over on that blog:

Resources I'll be using for this experiment: I'll be using this cookbook quite a bit:

And I was curious, so I pre-ordered this:

I'll be back Wednesday with my thoughts on my first week of Primal as well as with my measurements and weigh in!
I am just a blogger, not a doctor, trainer, or any sort of health professional. What you read here are my personal experien…

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KETO Cocktails: The Lemon Drop

I love a good glass of red wine now and then, I mean it's practically a health food, right? ;) But sometimes I just want a cocktail. I'm all for moderation and having a drink now and then, but I'm just not down with the calorie, carb, and sugar counts of some of my favorites. Seriously, have you ever looked them up? Eek. So, I've set to work at converting my favorite cocktail recipes to be more keto diet friendly!

The first cocktail recipe I'm tackling is the keto lemon drop. I used to love these, but haven't had one in years because of the sugar in them. In my early twenties I had a friend who used to make them for me all the time. We would have a shaker full of these, a good dinner, and a chick flick on a weeknight, it was kind of bliss. Her recipe called for so. much. SUGAR though! Looking back I think she may have used a wee bit more sugar than most, but they were really good.

I think my keto-ized recipe comes pretty dang close to those delicious memories! It…

Jillian Michaels BodyShred Full Review

I have to say my two months of BodyShred flew by! It seems like I just started yesterday. Ah, time flies while you're having fun. Right? OK, in this full review post, I hope to give you a good overview of exactly what the BodyShred program is as well as my thoughts and opinions on the program. So, is Jillian Michaels BodyShred hype or help? Let's chat...

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED is Jillian's latest total-package fitness program. This set includes:

What's in the box:BodyShred Fitness Guide
BodyShred Meal Plan
BodyShred Rotational Calendar
BodyShred "Let Them See You Sweat" Workout Towel
     8 - Shred Style Circuit Workouts
       1. Launch
       2. Rise
       3. Amplify
       4. Escalate
       5. Conquer
       6. Triumph 
       7. Zenith
       8. Apex
     2 - Straight Cardio Workouts
       1. Fire Up
       2. Ignite
    Plus, bonus workout Opus and a disc on the cast and teaching the moves. So, a total of 12 DVDs are included in this set.

The BodyShred Workouts

Paleo Smoky Grilled Pineapple Burgers

Since going Paleo my family has fallen even more in love with our grill. Paleo and grilling just work well together. The past couple of years I've even been stepping outside my grilling comfort zone more and more. Grilling things I'd never thought to have grilled before and trying new flavor combinations. I have to say I'm pretty thrilled with the results of most of my flavor experiments. 

In the past I'd never have thought to grill fruit, but it's amazing. Grilling fruit and adding it to traditionally savory dishes? Brilliant.

Oh yes, and? New rule: every burger recipe for the rest of forever must contain grilled pineapple. OK, maybe more of a guideline. It's a seriously delicious combination though.

This Smoky Grilled Pineapple Burger is always a crowd-pleaser at my house. It's not only Paleo, but Whole30, glutenfree, lower carb, and clean eating friendly. I promise you won't miss the bun! 

paleo, grilled pineapple burger, smoky grilled pineapple burger,…

KETO Hot Cocoa Pancakes

OK, I know I've been on quite the low carb pancake tangent lately, but THESE! Seriously, these are yummtastic. Yummazing? Ya, they're really good. They just might be my favorite recipe I've ever done. Ever. OK, that might be my paleo apple crisp recipe, but that's not low, I wonder if I could tweak that low carb...

That would be brilliant!

You know, bloggers area always talking seo this and seo that (seo stands for search engine optimization if you're not a blogger) and I'm just over here yammering. I'm pretty sure when google's spider crawlers (anyone shiver at that word picture? eesh) get to FitViews they just think, "Yeesh, move along. Nothing to see here." Ha ha ha!

Anyway, pancakes. KETO Hot Cocoa Low Carb Pancakes no less. So good. 

As I've mentioned before I'm back to low carb (keto actually) and developing new recipes to make it easier to stick with. I find I just plain feel great when I eat ketogenic, and I definitely h…

The Killer Jillian 30-Day Workout Rotation #killerjillian

If you've visited FitViews before you have probably noticed I'm rather fond of Jillian Michaels at-home workouts. I own virtually all she has and have reviewed many on this blog. They're just good, solid workouts that give me great results. 
I'm particularly fond of Jillian programs, calendars, and challenges. I've blogged through Body Revolution and BodyShred. I vlogged through the 30 Day Shred. Pretty much every Jillian challenge set forth I've delightedly owned.
But I'm feeling a bit "been there done that" lately. I want a new Jillian challenge. Something fresh, something challenging, something different. Something new to motivate me and push me. So, I decided to come up with my own! I'm calling it the #KillerJillian Challenge.

The #KillerJillianBefore I launch into the calendar, a little disclaimer: This challenge is in no way endorsed by Jillian Michaels. It's just a for-fun workout calendar I came up with. Also, I'm not a trainer, d…

Keto Coffee Cake Mug Cake

Dairy-free keto has been pretty seamless for me. Well... almost. I miss my keto pancake recipes. Which ALL contain cream cheese. So bummer. I mean, one can only have omelets for breakfast so many times.
In looking for something delicious to replace these with I've started playing around with keto mug cake recipes. Yes, you can look forward to a deluge of about 5 million and 3 of those variations in the near future. ;)
This recipe was an accident. I've been working on chocolate variations the most. For obvious reasons. So much so that I ran out of cocoa powder. I started making a chocolate mug cake the other day and when I reached for the cocoa powder there was none. Oops. 
So, after some digging I found cinnamon and thought, hmm why not?
Why not indeed! This Keto Coffee Cake Mug Cake is my new favorite keto breakfast. It's quick, easy, and completely delicious. With only 7 grams total carbs and 320 calories, I confess I have one most days for brekkie.

This recipe is not only …

Easy KETO Mocha Recipe

Keto coffees are a staple in my daily ketogenic diet lifestyle. I have an average of 4 a day and mix it up quite a bit. You know me and my coffee; you should see my counter top full of keto products and concoctions I've built up. I just love trying and combining them for new coffee recipes. All super easy and delicious.

I know, I know everyone says you shouldn't drink your calories. Meh. I really love my coffee. And therefore drinking my calories I suppose. Moving on...

Today I'm going to share my super easy keto mocha recipe with you. This is one of my go-to's that I have quite regularly. It's just so yummy and only 2 grams TOTAL carbs (don't blame the keto for what the net carbs did).

Easy KETO MochaIngredients1 mug fresh brewed coffee or espresso 1 scoop Perfect Keto Chocolate MCT Powder 1 scoop collagen (I use this one because it is the most complete I've found) 1 Tablespoons Left Coast Performance Cacao Keto Coffee Creamer (Completely optional, but completel…

KETO Pumpkin Pie Cream Cheese Pancakes

I have gone back and forth with low carb since I was 24. I feel better when eating keto and I definitely have good progress with weight loss when I eat that way, but it can be a challenge to stick with. As I get older I find that the feeling better part of being low carb has become my driving motivation for sticking to it. I'm completely committed to keto now and that has me finding new ways to stick with it!

Ways such as keto pancakes. Say what-what? Yes. Low carb pumpkin pancakes no less. And? They're pretty darned yummy...

Whether you're seriously bored with your egg fast or just a low carb or keto style eater these Pumpkin Pie Cream Cheese Pancakes are for you! With only 5 grams of carbs for the ENTIRE RECIPE they'll fit nicely into your plan. They're a quick and super easy breakfast option. Plus, yes, they're delicious! And oh so appropriate for pumpkin spice season. Oh, who am I kidding, I eat them year-round.

This recipe makes 3 or 4 decent sized pancakes a…

Easy Paleo Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Growing up the only encounter I had with sweet potatoes was at Thanksgiving dinner. I hesitate to even call them sweet potatoes though. They were more like sugar coated sugar, with a side of sugar. Seriously!
The recipe was to coat a baking dish in margarine, add diced sweet potatoes, top with more margarine and a healthy heaping of brown sugar. Bake. And then? At the end you top the whole thing with a bag of marshmallows and bake again.
Blech! Needless to say I was never fond of sweet potatoes.
When I first went paleo I decided to reacquaint myself with sweet potatoes. They’re a great paleo-friendly carb source. I must confess the thought made me shudder, but I persevered. I tried them simple. Baked. I was so shocked. They're so good!
Now, I love sweet potatoes. They’re a go-to side dish for family dinners. Not only are they delicious, but they’re good for us and easy to make. The funny thing about sweet potatoes is they taste amazing all on their own. When it comes to sweet potato r…

Hype or Help: Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Final Program Review

*This post contains affiliate links. I make a small commission if you purchase items by clicking these links. It costs you no more.
Disclaimer: I received Jillian Michaels Body Revolutionfor review purposes. As always opinions are 100% honest and my own.

After three long months of testing this program I'm finally down to the review! I've had so many questions, and I hope to answer them all here.
So, is it hype or help? Have a seat, let's talk about that...

What you will need for these workouts:
A set of light, medium, and heavy hand weights to suit your ability level.

What's Included with Jillian Michaels Body Revolution: 15 Workout DVDsResistance CableFitness Guide BookFat Burning Meal Plan7 Day Kick-Start Your Metabolism Plan90 Day JournalBookmark
What's in the box? My unboxing video if you want to see it all:
The Body Revolution Diet Plan I've had a lot of questions on what exactly the diet plan for Body Revolution is. Let me break it down... The diet for this program…