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02.28.2010 Weigh in

Happy Sunday Everyone! I am feeling so great lately. Amazing how not obsessing over all this makes me feel so free. Still working hard at weight loss, but not letting myself obsess anymore. Bliss.

OK, so weighed in this morning, scale reading: 178. Body Fat analyzer said: 33% BMI 28.7. Awesome. That is down 3.5 lbs from last week, but 1.5 down from the 179.5 the week before. Still not sure what was up last week (ha, ha literally), but everything seems back to normal now! 

Hoping to add pics later, feeling lazy today, lol. We'll see. I feel like I see more results on me than on the scale, my body is crazy that way I guess. I think it's because I gain muscle more easily than most women. All those trainers, gurus that will say, don't worry girls, you won't get big, um...yes, I will. But I am OK with that too. Better muscle than fat!

I know, I'm rambling. Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

PS I miss Lisa!

Fabulous Friend Friday: Guest Post Edition

Happy Friday everyone! For my last Fabulous Friend Friday I thought I'd have a guest post. So, please welcome Evita from Coffee Table Cookbook.

My Escape: The Gym by Evita
Most people like to schedule their “me” time by curling up with a good book or lounging on the couch and relaxing while watching TV. I like to go to the gym.
Working out is a big part of my life and I get pure enjoyment from every visit. Highlights include meeting the pre-programmed goals on my heart rate monitor, obtaining an ultra soft towel fresh out of the dryer, free healthy food samples, and don’t get me started on how much entertainment I get from watching my husband lunge in a roomful of ladies.
Being able to fit a scheduled class into my day is what I strive for. I’ll come home from the gym and immediately start talking about Betty (not real name) who is getting married next month or Lisa (also a fictitious name) who is pregnant as if they are my close friends or possibly even grand celebrities. In reality, …

First Week Sister Challenge Results

This was supposed to be yesterday's post, but got pre-empted by an inner fat chick smack-down.

Tuesday was our seventh full day of challenges. The results are in....and our first week totals are:

Water consumption (for a Starbucks Card):
Vonda: 760 oz
Kat: 697 oz
That one is WAY closer than I expected! Woo!

Workout minutes (for running socks):
Vonda: 280 minutes
Kat: 286 minutes
Ruh-roh, better step on it, that's too close for comfort!

Up by 4:45 and productive (for race t-shirts):
Vonda: 5 days
Kat: 5 days
Dead tie so far on that one!

There you have it, no clear winner for any of them yet! Going to be close I'm sure.

What have we learned in the last week? First, what Vonda learned. A peek into our texts on that:
Vonda: So our little challenge has taught me something this week!
Kat: What?
Vonda: Use my week & time wisely!
Kat: Good lesson.
Vonda: Apply all ninja moves between 4:30-8 in the morning & I basically get the rest of the day off!! &...
Kat: Awesome
Vonda: Apply all ninja m…

Me vs My Inner Fat Chick

I miscounted and am a week late starting my official 5k training. I thought my race was post-poned until September, but found out it will be in April. Well, maybe a half a week late starting. No problem, jumping in.

I was up on my treadmill last night trying to bang out 3 miles in walk run intervals. In started that annoying voice. Ugh, this is hard, walk already. Lungs are burning, you can't do this! What, you think you can hold that pace?! Ha ha ha.My inner fat girl trying to defeat me again. This negative self talk, inner fat girl, whatever you want to call it has held me down long enough. She has told me for years that I wasn't a real writer, you have no talent. She has told me I'm fat and ugly. She has told me I wasn't a real runner, you're too fat to be a real runner, even during my marathon! She has told me I'm not good enough. She has told me I can't, I can't, I can't.

Well I say, suck a thumb inner fat chick, I CAN! My goal for this 5k is to …


I have talked to many people who set up little rewards along the way for their weight loss efforts. It seems to really help many. I have been reluctant in the past to do this because of money, but have decided it would be helpful and worth it.
I discussed setting up rewards for myself with hubby. I explained to him how the little challenges with Vonda were helping so much and how I thought setting up rewards for reaching certain weights would encourage and motivate me. He was all for it! Which I knew he would be. It is me who struggles with putting things for me in the budget. 
Hubby said he thinks I should budget money to get my hair cut and colored. I haven't had that done in a year! Really excited for that. (I was thinking nail polish or something, but hey!) So, my first weight loss reward will be a cut like Reese's above (my hair is a little shorter, but you get the idea) and color in something resembling the dark shades above. Yippee!
Now to pick the milestone that will pay …

Could my day GET any better?

It's only 9 am and my day has been pretty awesome already.  I got up at 4:45 and got a TON of things done, which always makes me feel great. Then, I found out that I won a Progresso Soup giveaway from One Hundred in Twelve woo hoo! To top it off I listened to the Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcast and they read my news in their blogger news segment. I feel a little bit like a celebrity. After last week this feels awesome! Yippee for a great week! Because I just know it is going to be one.

Don't forget to vote here for what my sis and I's t-shirts will say as part of our wager/challenges! We're considering extending that challenge for the t-shirts from 2 weeks to a month of who gets up by 4:45 and is productive the most times.

Off to go workout. I have big goals for this week. Planning to whoop up on sis with those workout minutes, big time.  And of course kicking the scale in gear would be good too.

Have a wonderful Monday!

W.W.J.M.M.M.D.? 02.21.2010 Weigh In

Hopped on the scale feeling rather hopeful this morning...and it said 180.5. That is up 1.5 from last week. Best part? I giggled. Yep, giggled. It seemed almost ridiculous it would show a gain after my awesome week. This was a stressful week and I still worked out hard and counted my calories. Success. I did everything right, even drank my water. So what if the scale is disagreeing at the moment? It can't hold out forever!

So, it didn't put me in a bad mood, and I am not going over and over my week in my head trying to figure out what the heck. I am shrugging my shoulders and getting back to work! Like the pic says, What Would Jillian Michaels Make Me Do?

Have an awesome Sunday!

Fabulous Friends Friday--Open Mic

Because of my crazy week and my Dad getting hurt I didn't get ahold of the people I wanted to have for today's Fabulous Friends Friday, and next Friday I am planning to have a guest post for Fab Friend Friday...SO I am declaring a Fabulous Friends Friday Open Mic!

Everyone that blogs, in the comments, leave us a few sentences about you and your blog. Plus a link of course, so we can come see you. Come on, don't be shy.

If you are reading this blog, be sure to read the comments, that's what it's all about!

OK, say HI....


I have so much to talk about. I didn't feel much in the blogging/tweeting mood the last couple days. Feel like I'm catching up now! I will try not to ramble.

First, I re-started my 100 push-ups 200 sit-ups challenges this week. Just don't think I can do more yet in order to move on to the second week of workouts. My upper body strength sucks rocks. I am focusing more on that in strength workouts too. So, this is week one (again) of the six week challenges.

Second, my wonderful sis has come up with some challenges/wagers between her and I. I have of course accepted. 

Water: Whichever of us drinks the most water in the next two weeks wins and the loser has to buy the winner a $5 Starbucks card. I am terrible at this and she is kicking my tail already.Workouts: Whoever has the most workout minutes in the next two weeks wins and loser has to send the winner a pair of running socks. I think I can take her out here!Productivity: Whoever gets up by 4:45 (yep, a.m., we both find it a…

Best. Valentine's Day. Ever.

I had hoped to have a giveaway every Monday in February, oops, not going to happen exactly like I planned. Don't have as many sponsors for giveaways as I had hoped. Bummer.

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Mine was fabulous. Best. Valentine's Day. Ever. Nothing showy and overtly romantic. My parents took the kids Saturday night and kept them through Sunday evening. Fantastic. Fanfriggintastic. 

Saturday night hubby and I snuggled on the couch and watched the DVR'd Big Bang Theory and Survivor we didn't get to watch last week. It. Was. AWESOME. Uninterupted TV time is a rare commodity around here. We reveled in it.

We had planned to get up early and go get coffee and go shopping, but it started snowing Saturday night, so we scrapped that idea. A 35 minute drive in the snow wasn't my idea of fun. 

Sunday morning we slept in until about 7. Yes, that is sleeping in for us. Then we got up and I watched the news for a minute and Food Network for a bit while hubby …

02.14.2010 Weigh In

Weighed in this morning at 179. That is a half a pound down for the week. Eh. I got what I put into it this week for sure.

After contemplating yesterday's post I have come to the conclusion that I am not doing everything I could be to reach my goals. I was very gung ho at the beginning of the year, but have fizzled slightly the last two weeks. I have only tracked my food a couple of days during the last two weeks and my workouts the last week have been less than stellar.

Just trying to be real with myself, and all of you, I've gotten lazy! Well, it was a nice little break, but enough is enough. I have goals I want to reach. Lazy is not going to get me there.

So, for the next week i will:
Track calories every single day (hold me to that!)Work out 5 daysKeep protein up because it helps me not feel ravenous; keep carbs lower, but allow a few things I haven't been to avoid feeling so deprived.Drink my water! (I am terrible at this)I'm in a really good head space right now. I …

Am I Really Doing Whatever it Takes?

I was talking to a couple of people on Twitter this morning about being competitive and weight loss. Which got me to thinking about the biggest loser competition I took part in a few years ago. 
It was a 3 month competition. First prize was $200, and oh boy did I get close to winning. Took second place. A boy won, but I gave him a run for his money. It came down to a pound or two that would have swung my percentage to the top spot. I was intense, I was focussed, I was going to win that money. I am a competitive person, so that really added fuel to my fire. It was actually a lot of fun. 
Thinking about this competition made me realize two things. First, money motivates me. If someone put down money and said, you can have this if you...get to 165 lbs (my goal for posting full body pics, face and all), 145 lbs (my final goal), whatever. You could bet on me doing it. I would do whatever it took to lose that weight. That has more to do with our current financial situation than my personality…

It's Fabulous Friends Friday Again

I know you've all been patiently waiting for another edition of...Fabulous Friends Friday! Well, here it is. More great blogger friends I'm excited for you to meet.

First up, meet the fabulous Corletta from Corletta: It's a New Year...No More Excuses!:

Hey Ya'll!  My name is Corletta and I am 26 years old.  I started my weight loss blog January 1, 2010 as a way to not only be honest with others, but also myself.  For too long I have written down goals only to have to reread a bunch of junk that I never achieved.  In 2009, my goal was to run a marathon.  After having trained and successfully completed my first marathon, I realized that I am stronger than most of my weight loss efforts have shown.  So...this blog is my way of being completely transparent.  As a therapist, I lead others to health day in and day out.  It's my turn to lead my self to that same freedom!

Next, I'd like you to meet Andrea from Celery in the City, if I could choose a little sister, she wou…

Day 2 One Hundred Push Ups and Two Hundred Sit-Ups Challenges

Day 2 of my 100 push ups and 200 sit-ups challenges workouts went something like this: First set: 6 push ups, ugh.  "Mom, what are you doing?"  "Push ups."Second set: 8 push ups, I hate push ups.  "Can I jump over you?"  "No."Third set: 6 push ups, maybe girls weren't meant to do push ups on their feet! Fourth set: 6 push ups, yep, def hate push ups.  "Leave your brother alone before you make him spill his milk!"Fifth set: 5 push ups (max), fail, glad that's done.Then it was on to the sit ups.
First set: 15 sit ups, maybe I shouldn't have done so many in the initial test.Second set: 18 sit ups, hmm perhaps hate sit ups too. <4 year old then sat on me> "Mommy isn't playing right now, I need to finish my sit ups." "Ohh!"Third set: 10 sit ups, really, who does full sit ups anymore? (at this point the cat attacked my elbow, this may or may not have to do with the little falling in the toilet incident…

To Jean or Not to Jean, THAT is the Question...

I have been contemplating buying a pair of size 6 jeans for motivation. There is a certain jean at Target right now that I really like. The 12's are getting baggy and I have been hoping they go on sale so that I can buy some 10's. (In most jeans I'm still a 12; it's just this jean I'm a 10.)
Anyhoo, I really like this cut of jean on me and have been thinking it might be good motivation and inspiration to have a size 6 in it staring at me.
However, I am NOT one to waste money...ever. I wonder, what if I don't like those jeans on my thinner me body?
Right now they are $29.99, the pair I have I got on sale for $19.99. Last time I was at Target I noticed the sizes available were diminishing. I'm not sure if this is a style they will replenish, or will just be gone?!
Is it confidence or foolishness to buy a size 6 when I'm a 12??
So, my dear blog readers, I leave the decisions up to you:
 First, I have the money in my account I buy a size 6, or do I wai…

02.07.2010 Weigh In

179.5 again. And that is fanfriggintastic with me! I was fretting that I would have a gain from lack of paying enough attention to my diet this week. Hooray, I stayed the same, counting that as a success.

I've been reading a bit lately about allowing cheat meals once a week. Some say it even boosts your metabolism and makes sticking to whatever plan you choose easier. Going to try that out today. I usually avoid cheat days because I have a hard time getting back on track after a whole day off. Maybe with just a cheat meal it will be easier?? We'll see. 

I plan for lunch today to be my cheat meal for the weak, nothing outrageous calorie wise, still keeping that in range, but having me some carbs. Wheat Thins anyone? Yes, please.

Plus, I am going to bake one of the Hungry Girl Recipes from my fancy schmancy new recipe cards for dessert. Will post pics of it with the review of the cards later today.

Happy Sunday!

Lack of Organization Bit me in the Butt Again

For some reason this week was rather hectic for me. I can't really blame it on one thing, it just was. Very busy, lots going on, but nothing really out of the ordinary.  In the craziness of the week I let a few things go. The two main things: I didn't track any of my carbs or calories and I didn't plan ahead for my grocery trip. 

Weigh in is officially tomorrow, so we'll see, but I think I may have gained. Not tracking translated into more cheese and peanut butter than I should have eaten for the week. I had intended to track at least one or two days this week just to keep things in check. Well, not paying attention gets me every time! I didn't track any days. I didn't mean to eat more of those foods, but not planning and paying attention, I did. We shall see what the results are tomorrow I guess.

On top of that, I didn't get a paper last Sunday; the day just got away from us. Then, I didn't get my sales and coupons matched before I left. I took off for S…

Fabulous Friends Friday

For February I thought I would do something fun for Fridays (other than giveaway posts). So, I thought about it and decided they would be Fabulous Friends Friday. Each Friday I will pick some of my fabulous blogger friends I think you all should meet!
First up, meet Steve:

I'm Steve, I'm a 25 year old insurance claims processor/wannabe somewhat athlete :-P.  I started my site ( because I found alot of other weight loss blogs and their writers were having extraordinary success, I thought that if I tried it myself, I could have the accountability and support that I wouldn't really have otherwise.  I've lost weight before, only to gain it all back, and I've done it by doing just about every unhealthy thing possible.  I've lost 30 pounds so far, and I've done it merely by watching my diet and exercising.  No pills, no gimmicks, no bullsh*t :)
Everyone say, HI STEVE!
Next, meet Barbi:

My blog is about becoming a Fit Mom Now.  I want to be healt…

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KETO Cocktails: The Lemon Drop

I love a good glass of red wine now and then, I mean it's practically a health food, right? ;) But sometimes I just want a cocktail. I'm all for moderation and having a drink now and then, but I'm just not down with the calorie, carb, and sugar counts of some of my favorites. Seriously, have you ever looked them up? Eek. So, I've set to work at converting my favorite cocktail recipes to be more keto diet friendly!

The first cocktail recipe I'm tackling is the keto lemon drop. I used to love these, but haven't had one in years because of the sugar in them. In my early twenties I had a friend who used to make them for me all the time. We would have a shaker full of these, a good dinner, and a chick flick on a weeknight, it was kind of bliss. Her recipe called for so. much. SUGAR though! Looking back I think she may have used a wee bit more sugar than most, but they were really good.

I think my keto-ized recipe comes pretty dang close to those delicious memories! It…

Cinnamon Vanilla KETO Coffee Creamer Recipe

There are tons of keto coffee creamer products flooding the market right now. Some are fantastic options. Some chock full of nasty ingredients. But most of them are on the pricey side.

I decided to work on some clean, more budget-friendly, keto coffee creamer recipes we can easily make at home! (Check out my Keto Peppermint Mocha Coffee Creamer too.)⠀

This dairy-free Cinnamon Vanilla Keto Coffee Creamer is definitely one of my favorites. I just love cinnamon coffees. They're delicious. Plus, cinnamon is supposed to be good for blood sugar control. Win-win.

Keto Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee Creamer ⠀⠀☕☕☕ ⠀

INGREDIENTS⠀⠀1 can (13.66 oz) Canned Coconut Cream
2 teaspoons Organic Saigon Cinnamon⠀
2 teaspoons Organic Pure Vanilla⠀⠀
Low Carb Sweetener to taste, generally 5 to 10 packets OR 5 to 15 drops monk fruit (optional)⠀ ⠀
DIRECTIONS⠀⠀Add all ingredients to your blender. Blend, just until combined. About 30 seconds, scraping the sides if you need to. ⠀
Store in the refrigerator for up to 5 to 7 d…

What is 75 Hard #75Hard: Documenting My Experience With The 75 Hard Challenge

January 1, I embarked on an interesting journey; I decided to start the 75 Hard Challenge (scroll to the bottom of the post for my updated journal on my progress. I've gotten a lot of questions on this program and what it is exactly, what the rules are, etc. So...

What is 75 Hard? It's a mental toughness skills development challenge started by Andy Frisella. His premise is that mental toughness is a skill and therefore can be learned, practiced, and honed. Andy designed this challenge to cultivate: confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, self-worth, endurance, fortitude, grit, perseverance, self-discipline, endurance, resilience... and all of the skills inside the scope of mental toughness.  Check out the podcast that started it all for all the info from Andy himself: Note that if f-bombs are going to offend you this is not for you. 

So, w…

Paleo Smoky Grilled Pineapple Burgers

Since going Paleo my family has fallen even more in love with our grill. Paleo and grilling just work well together. The past couple of years I've even been stepping outside my grilling comfort zone more and more. Grilling things I'd never thought to have grilled before and trying new flavor combinations. I have to say I'm pretty thrilled with the results of most of my flavor experiments. 

In the past I'd never have thought to grill fruit, but it's amazing. Grilling fruit and adding it to traditionally savory dishes? Brilliant.

Oh yes, and? New rule: every burger recipe for the rest of forever must contain grilled pineapple. OK, maybe more of a guideline. It's a seriously delicious combination though.

This Smoky Grilled Pineapple Burger is always a crowd-pleaser at my house. It's not only Paleo, but Whole30, glutenfree, lower carb, and clean eating friendly. I promise you won't miss the bun! 

paleo, grilled pineapple burger, smoky grilled pineapple burger,…

A Day In The Life: My Fitness, Food, and Supplement Routine

A group of my fitness blogger friends decided to do Day in the Life posts today. I get a lot of questions about my routine. My Paleo eats, how much I work out, what supplements I take, how I fit in my blogging/freelance/work...stuff like that. I thought joining and doing a day in my life post would be fun and a great way to answer all of those questions at once!

This was yesterday (Tuesday 1/20). It was a pretty average day for me.

4:30 AM My alarm on my phone goes off. I get up, get dressed in my workout clothes, and take my pre-workout (it says to take it 30-60 minutes before your workout, I shoot for 30). This is a new supp for me and I'm still just taking 1 to see how it goes. I also take my Acetyl L-Carnitine because the bottle says to take it on an empty stomach. 
Sometimes I hit snooze until 5, but I'm trying hard not to do that. A lot of people say to sleep in your workout clothes to save time, but that doesn't work for me. What does work for me is to have my workout …

Keto Paleo Friendly Coffee Creamer Recipe

Going keto paleo has me missing one thing: the organic grass-fed half-and-half I'd been having in my coffee. Since going paleo over a year ago I've searched and searched and just never found anything else I love in my coffee. I'd just about given up on a keto paleo-friendly coffee creamer!

I was almost to resign myself to black coffee forever, but then I decided to resort again to trying to make my own. This version is simple and quite delicious. Not only is it keto paleo, but Whole30 and 21 Day Sugar Detox friendly as well.

Keto Paleo Cinnamon Vanilla Coffee Creamer
1 can Organic Canned Coconut Milk(the kind in the carton just won't do it)
1 teaspoon Cinnamon Vietnamese Organic
1 teaspoon Organic Pure Vanilla for 100% Whole30 compliant swap for vanilla powder
2 teaspoons raw local honey or Organic Maple Syrup (optional, leave out for KETO, Whole30, or 21DSD)

Blend all ingredients well in your blender. Store in the refrigerator (the cinnamon tends to set…

Jillian Michaels BodyShred Full Review

I have to say my two months of BodyShred flew by! It seems like I just started yesterday. Ah, time flies while you're having fun. Right? OK, in this full review post, I hope to give you a good overview of exactly what the BodyShred program is as well as my thoughts and opinions on the program. So, is Jillian Michaels BodyShred hype or help? Let's chat...

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED is Jillian's latest total-package fitness program. This set includes:

What's in the box:BodyShred Fitness Guide
BodyShred Meal Plan
BodyShred Rotational Calendar
BodyShred "Let Them See You Sweat" Workout Towel
     8 - Shred Style Circuit Workouts
       1. Launch
       2. Rise
       3. Amplify
       4. Escalate
       5. Conquer
       6. Triumph 
       7. Zenith
       8. Apex
     2 - Straight Cardio Workouts
       1. Fire Up
       2. Ignite
    Plus, bonus workout Opus and a disc on the cast and teaching the moves. So, a total of 12 DVDs are included in this set.

The BodyShred Workouts

KETO Hot Cocoa Pancakes

OK, I know I've been on quite the low carb pancake tangent lately, but THESE! Seriously, these are yummtastic. Yummazing? Ya, they're really good. They just might be my favorite recipe I've ever done. Ever. OK, that might be my paleo apple crisp recipe, but that's not low, I wonder if I could tweak that low carb...

That would be brilliant!

You know, bloggers area always talking seo this and seo that (seo stands for search engine optimization if you're not a blogger) and I'm just over here yammering. I'm pretty sure when google's spider crawlers (anyone shiver at that word picture? eesh) get to FitViews they just think, "Yeesh, move along. Nothing to see here." Ha ha ha!

Anyway, pancakes. KETO Hot Cocoa Low Carb Pancakes no less. So good. 

As I've mentioned before I'm back to low carb (keto actually) and developing new recipes to make it easier to stick with. I find I just plain feel great when I eat ketogenic, and I definitely h…

The Top 20 Keto Diet Products on Amazon

With the popularity of the Keto Diet many companies are using it as a marketing ploy. Unfortunately, just because it says “keto” on the label doesn’t mean it is. There is so much junk out there that I would NOT recommend to a friend. So, for the past 6 months I've been weeding through all the new keto products and long loved keto staples on the market and weeding out the hyped up junk. What I've come up with is a top 20 list on Amazon. This list shares only the best of the ketogenic best you can find to support your Keto Diet lifestyle on Amazon! 

For my criteria in choosing products, they had to: Have clean ingredients.Be low enough in carbs to sensibly include them in a daily keto diet.Stand up to my quality standards for something I would (and for most of these do) regularly purchase.Taste good! (except, obviously in the case of the ketone meter, etc)Without further yammering, my picks for The Top 20 Keto Diet Products on Amazon:













30 Easy Prep and Pack Whole30 Lunch Recipes

The Whole30Program is amazing. I highly recommend it. Every time I've done a Whole 30 I have felt AMAZING by the end. It's a very empowering experience. It is not however an easy one. Mostly because the food prep can take much more time if you're used to grab and go options. A little planning ahead and you can definitely make it through the 30 days.

When it comes to Whole30 lunches, 3 things worked best for me:

Quick and easy salads.Prepping food on Sunday.Cooking too much at dinner and eating leftovers for lunch the next day.
I thought I'd share 30 of the awesome Whole30 lunch recipes I've found from my favorite bloggers (and a few from me!). I've included all three options I listed above. Some quick and easy salads, some to prep an entire recipe on the weekend and then portion them for lunches that week, and some to be cooked for dinner and the leftovers packed for lunch the next day. Play around and see what works best for you.

This list of 30 Whole30 Lunch Reci…