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02.28.2010 Weigh in

Happy Sunday Everyone! I am feeling so great lately. Amazing how not obsessing over all this makes me feel so free. Still working hard at weight loss, but not letting myself obsess anymore. Bliss.

OK, so weighed in this morning, scale reading: 178. Body Fat analyzer said: 33% BMI 28.7. Awesome. That is down 3.5 lbs from last week, but 1.5 down from the 179.5 the week before. Still not sure what was up last week (ha, ha literally), but everything seems back to normal now! 

Hoping to add pics later, feeling lazy today, lol. We'll see. I feel like I see more results on me than on the scale, my body is crazy that way I guess. I think it's because I gain muscle more easily than most women. All those trainers, gurus that will say, don't worry girls, you won't get big, um...yes, I will. But I am OK with that too. Better muscle than fat!

I know, I'm rambling. Have a great day, see you tomorrow!

PS I miss Lisa!

Fabulous Friend Friday: Guest Post Edition

Happy Friday everyone! For my last Fabulous Friend Friday I thought I'd have a guest post. So, please welcome Evita from Coffee Table Cookbook.

My Escape: The Gym
by Evita

Most people like to schedule their “me” time by curling up with a good book or lounging on the couch and relaxing while watching TV. I like to go to the gym.

Working out is a big part of my life and I get pure enjoyment from every visit. Highlights include meeting the pre-programmed goals on my heart rate monitor, obtaining an ultra soft towel fresh out of the dryer, free healthy food samples, and don’t get me started on how much entertainment I get from watching my husband lunge in a roomful of ladies.

Being able to fit a scheduled class into my day is what I strive for. I’ll come home from the gym and immediately start talking about Betty (not real name) who is getting married next month or Lisa (also a fictitious name) who is pregnant as if they are my close friends or possibly even grand celebrities. In reality, these are group fitness class instructors at my local gym who I, for some strange reason, get all giddy around like they are on a superior level of stardom. Maybe this could be because I view them as heroes who are living out my dream job: getting paid to workout.  

I also never realized until recently (thanks to my husband) that I typically run late for every meeting, appointment, and gathering. But when it comes to my beloved fitness classes, I seem to make every effort to not only be on time, but actually early in order to secure a stellar spot and properly set up my equipment. May I also point out that my husband moves at the speed of molasses when he accompanies me on the days that I have a gym appointment. (I guess I now know what he feels like the other 98% of the time when he’s waiting for me).   

Let me also draw a bit of attention to the girls that I see who get all dolled up to workout. Their hair looks pretty and their makeup actually looks intact as they talk on their cell phones and walk on the treadmill at a glacial pace. I, on the other hand, don’t look so attractive. I attempt to sweat to the point that I am not tempted to stop and run errands on the way home. I am there on a mission to torch calories and build some ladylike muscle. 

So, here’s a shout out to my fellow fitness ladies who have the same mission to maintain a healthy workout regimen while keeping up with life. 

I am glad to accept guest posts, anyone who may be interested can email me at with their topic. As bloggers I think we have an awesome community and I love to support other bloggers. I treasure you all as friends and thank you for all you do for me. I strive to return the support, love, and encouragement!

Thanks Evita! Everyone check out her awesome blog and have a wonderful Friday!

First Week Sister Challenge Results

This was supposed to be yesterday's post, but got pre-empted by an inner fat chick smack-down.

Tuesday was our seventh full day of challenges. The results are in....and our first week totals are:

Water consumption (for a Starbucks Card):
Vonda: 760 oz
Kat: 697 oz
That one is WAY closer than I expected! Woo!

Workout minutes (for running socks):
Vonda: 280 minutes
Kat: 286 minutes
Ruh-roh, better step on it, that's too close for comfort!

Up by 4:45 and productive (for race t-shirts):
Vonda: 5 days
Kat: 5 days
Dead tie so far on that one!

There you have it, no clear winner for any of them yet! Going to be close I'm sure.

What have we learned in the last week? First, what Vonda learned. A peek into our texts on that:
Vonda: So our little challenge has taught me something this week!
Kat: What?
Vonda: Use my week & time wisely!
Kat: Good lesson.
Vonda: Apply all ninja moves between 4:30-8 in the morning & I basically get the rest of the day off!! &...
Kat: Awesome
Vonda: Apply all ninja moves during the week... I basically get the weekend off!
Kat: I got a lot done too!

Ninja and ninja moves is a little joke of ours. Vonda started it, she would always say she was sneaking up on it like a ninja. We sneak up on things like laundry, problems, tasks, etc. Tackle it before it even sees us coming. Ninja moves are housework or routines, things that help us keep our chores/housework in check. If I'm having a rather productive day I'll text her to say: Feelin' very ninja today! Or she'll text me bright and early with: Ninja time! Stuff like that. Yep, we're silly. But having a sense of humor as a stay at home mom is a necessity.

What have I learned? First, it's going to be harder to beat her at workout minutes than I thought! Second, I was definitely NOT drinking enough water before. I am working at consuming what I am and it's right about the recommendation of what I should be. Third, same as Vonda, if I really apply myself early in the morning my day goes so much better.

How about you? Feelin' ninja lately?
Have a great Thursday!

Me vs My Inner Fat Chick

I miscounted and am a week late starting my official 5k training. I thought my race was post-poned until September, but found out it will be in April. Well, maybe a half a week late starting. No problem, jumping in.

I was up on my treadmill last night trying to bang out 3 miles in walk run intervals. In started that annoying voice. Ugh, this is hard, walk already. Lungs are burning, you can't do this! What, you think you can hold that pace?! Ha ha ha. My inner fat girl trying to defeat me again. This negative self talk, inner fat girl, whatever you want to call it has held me down long enough. She has told me for years that I wasn't a real writer, you have no talent. She has told me I'm fat and ugly. She has told me I wasn't a real runner, you're too fat to be a real runner, even during my marathon! She has told me I'm not good enoughShe has told me I can't, I can't, I can't.

Well I say, suck a thumb inner fat chick, I CAN! My goal for this 5k is to beat my fastest 5k time of 38:58. Not just beat it, tear it up! Inner fat chick says there's no way! I say, way. I am setting the goal of coming in under 35 minutes.

I've always ran races with someone and always felt either I was holding them back or they were holding me back. This time I will toe the line alone. Other people I know will be racing, but I race alone. Just me vs that inner fat chick.

Every race I have ever ran I have finished knowing I didn't give my all, knowing I could have done better. I get to the end and I'm not spent, I have more left in me, I didn't try my best. Every single time I have let that inner fat chick psyche me out. Telling me it was too hard, telling me I can't. Telling me I ran funny, looked funny, sweat too much, breathe too hard, blah blah blah. Well, give it your best shot this time inner fat chick, bring it.

I am putting pen to paper for my training plan. I hope to beat some fat off between now and then. Less weight to carry means a faster me. No matter what my weight winds up being I will give it my all.

No more fear of failure. No more being afraid to give it my all because what if my all isn't good enough. No more excuses. This race I leave it all out on that dirt road. 

It's just you and me inner fat chick...and I'll be takin' you OUT.

So, think of me April 17th. I'll be on a back country road in Colorado fighting for me.


I have talked to many people who set up little rewards along the way for their weight loss efforts. It seems to really help many. I have been reluctant in the past to do this because of money, but have decided it would be helpful and worth it.

I discussed setting up rewards for myself with hubby. I explained to him how the little challenges with Vonda were helping so much and how I thought setting up rewards for reaching certain weights would encourage and motivate me. He was all for it! Which I knew he would be. It is me who struggles with putting things for me in the budget. 

Hubby said he thinks I should budget money to get my hair cut and colored. I haven't had that done in a year! Really excited for that. (I was thinking nail polish or something, but hey!) So, my first weight loss reward will be a cut like Reese's above (my hair is a little shorter, but you get the idea) and color in something resembling the dark shades above. Yippee!

Now to pick the milestone that will pay out in this awesome reward. I am still hovering around 180, so I decided when I reach 170 I will make the appointment. 10 pounds to great hair! Game on.

Tomorrow I'll have an update on where sis and I are in our challenges after our first 7 days! Wonder who's winning...

Have a great Tuesday!

Could my day GET any better?

It's only 9 am and my day has been pretty awesome already.  I got up at 4:45 and got a TON of things done, which always makes me feel great. Then, I found out that I won a Progresso Soup giveaway from One Hundred in Twelve woo hoo! To top it off I listened to the Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone podcast and they read my news in their blogger news segment. I feel a little bit like a celebrity. After last week this feels awesome! Yippee for a great week! Because I just know it is going to be one.

Don't forget to vote here for what my sis and I's t-shirts will say as part of our wager/challenges! We're considering extending that challenge for the t-shirts from 2 weeks to a month of who gets up by 4:45 and is productive the most times.

Off to go workout. I have big goals for this week. Planning to whoop up on sis with those workout minutes, big time.  And of course kicking the scale in gear would be good too.

Have a wonderful Monday!

W.W.J.M.M.M.D.? 02.21.2010 Weigh In

Hopped on the scale feeling rather hopeful this morning...and it said 180.5. That is up 1.5 from last week. Best part? I giggled. Yep, giggled. It seemed almost ridiculous it would show a gain after my awesome week. This was a stressful week and I still worked out hard and counted my calories. Success. I did everything right, even drank my water. So what if the scale is disagreeing at the moment? It can't hold out forever!

So, it didn't put me in a bad mood, and I am not going over and over my week in my head trying to figure out what the heck. I am shrugging my shoulders and getting back to work! Like the pic says, What Would Jillian Michaels Make Me Do?

Have an awesome Sunday!

Fabulous Friends Friday--Open Mic

Because of my crazy week and my Dad getting hurt I didn't get ahold of the people I wanted to have for today's Fabulous Friends Friday, and next Friday I am planning to have a guest post for Fab Friend Friday...SO I am declaring a Fabulous Friends Friday Open Mic!

Everyone that blogs, in the comments, leave us a few sentences about you and your blog. Plus a link of course, so we can come see you. Come on, don't be shy.

If you are reading this blog, be sure to read the comments, that's what it's all about!

OK, say HI....

Vote for What our T-shirts Will Say

If you read my last post you know my sister and I have a couple of friendly challenges/wagers going on. The 'payoff' for one of these is T-shirts we'll make to wear for a race we will both run in April.

But, what should they say?

That's where you come in! We have a few options we've thought of. Vote for which you like best, or if you have an idea, comment with it! Help us out, be creative!

Our suggestions:
  1. Winner wears: "I'm the Fast Sister" Loser wears: "I'm the Slow Sister"
  2. Loser wears: "________(inserting winner's name) is my HERO!"
  3. Winner Wears: "I rule, my sister drools". Loser wears: "I drool, my sister rules".
  4. Loser wears: "my sister is the most amazing person in the whole wide world!" Winner wears: "my sister thinks I am the most amazing person in the whole world!"
  5. Winner wears: "Winner" Loser wears: "Loser"
What do ya think? Vote in the comments, help us pick. Or give us your suggestion! Oh, yes, there will be pics on race day!! Hmm, maybe even a vlog??


I have so much to talk about. I didn't feel much in the blogging/tweeting mood the last couple days. Feel like I'm catching up now! I will try not to ramble.

First, I re-started my 100 push-ups 200 sit-ups challenges this week. Just don't think I can do more yet in order to move on to the second week of workouts. My upper body strength sucks rocks. I am focusing more on that in strength workouts too. So, this is week one (again) of the six week challenges.

Second, my wonderful sis has come up with some challenges/wagers between her and I. I have of course accepted. 

  1. Water: Whichever of us drinks the most water in the next two weeks wins and the loser has to buy the winner a $5 Starbucks card. I am terrible at this and she is kicking my tail already.
  2. Workouts: Whoever has the most workout minutes in the next two weeks wins and loser has to send the winner a pair of running socks. I think I can take her out here!
  3. Productivity: Whoever gets up by 4:45 (yep, a.m., we both find it a great time to get things done) and does something productive the most times in the next two weeks wins, loser has to wear a t-shirt for a race we are running in April that says something like: 'my sister rocks' or 'my sister is the most amazing person in the whole wide world! She runs farther/faster than me!' 'I am the slow sister' something like that, we'll figure it out.
Should be a fun two weeks of heckling! These types of things tend to motivate my competitive nature. I am thankful for her helping keep me motivated to reach my goals. But she's still goin' down! ;)

Last, I just want to thank everyone again for their comments, tweets, prayers, and support about my Dad. You guys are awesome and I am feeling very thankful today!

Have an awesome Thursday!

My Dad

I wish I had a pic of me and my Dad when I was little on my computer. I would definitely post that with this. I was always Daddy's little girl.

OK, so if you're on my Twitter you've heard some of this, if not: my Dad put his hand through the wood splitter yesterday afternoon. Ouch, I know. If you don't know what a wood splitter is, it's a machine used to split firewood. There is a hydraulic arm that pushes logs towards a stationary ax-like piece of metal that splits the log in two. Well, my Dad somehow managed to get his hand stuck or tangled with the log and it...ya.

My Dad had to pull the lever to get the wood splitter to release his hand, then he shut off the tractor and wood splitter, went in the house and called my mom at work to come get him. Yes, he was alone. Crazy he was able to do all that with his hand basically crushed. My mom goes out to start her truck and it won't start! She calls my older brother and he races the 4 miles out to get my dad. In the meantime my mom got her truck started and they met, got into her truck, and my brother drove them to the emergency room. Which is roughly 40 minutes away!

He didn't call 911. Now, seriously, my Dad would have to actually think he was going to die before he called 911. Not just have the tiny inkling he could bleed to death. Tough man. Plus, my brother would have been the one driving the ambulance for the volunteer fire department anyway! Small towns.

They got to the ER and had to wait! Nuts. About 20 or 30 minutes, he sits there with his mangled hand. Thank God my Dad is so tough. They check him over (and give him a good dose of morphine) and tell them the specialist hand surgeon doesn't come to this hospital, they have to go to the hospital across town. So, my brother drives them to the other hospital.

As soon as my brother dropped my Dad and Mom at the first ER he called me. I was oblivious to what was happening as of yet. At this point my brother hadn't even seen the whole hand to know the extent of things because my Dad wouldn't show him. I was freaked, my Dad is always so careful! But when you live on a farm or ranch things like this happen sometimes. (I have an uncle that is missing parts of all of his fingers, lol, sorry not funny).

So I freaked a little and texted my sister and mother in law and asked them to pray. Then I got on Twitter for a second and asked all my tweeps to pray. I was inundated with the sweetest comments from my friends on Twitter and I thank you all so much for your prayers and support.

My brother said he'd call back when he knew more, so I waited. I paced, texted family, and prayed, trying to stay calm. FINALLY he called back two hours later when they were at the second hospital and said he would have to have surgery. They had to take half or better of his ring finger because they couldn't save it, his middle finger was split in three at the tip (sorry for the detail) and they managed to save that with a pin or something in it. They stitched up a huge gash across most of his palm and had to put a plate in a bone broken in the back of his hand. I am thankful it was his left hand. So, he had surgery, stayed around as long as they made him and came home at 2:30 am! Nuts. He wasn't spending the night in the hospital, no way no how.

He's home and on heavy pain pills, my teenager is out there 'babysitting' him. They are very close and this was another one of those times I was thankful we homeschool. He packed up his school work and video games and was out there early this morning. My mom has to work and someone has to be with him. Even so, my boy would have wanted to be out there no matter.  Plus, there are cows to feed, etc and he can help with all of that.

Stressful. I am mentally and emotionally exhausted right now. But one thing I'm proud of is that through this stress I wanted to turn to food several times. Wanted to numb it and push it down; I felt it rising up, felt the urge to shove some food in, but I didn't do it. I was nervous and cleaned a bit obsessively for a while last night to release the nervous energy. I did not block it, medicate it, ignore it with food! I felt every emotion and lived. Huge victory.

So, my Daddy is going to be OK, a little worse for wear, but thank God.

Best. Valentine's Day. Ever.

I had hoped to have a giveaway every Monday in February, oops, not going to happen exactly like I planned. Don't have as many sponsors for giveaways as I had hoped. Bummer.

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? Mine was fabulous. Best. Valentine's Day. Ever. Nothing showy and overtly romantic. My parents took the kids Saturday night and kept them through Sunday evening. Fantastic. Fanfriggintastic. 

Saturday night hubby and I snuggled on the couch and watched the DVR'd Big Bang Theory and Survivor we didn't get to watch last week. It. Was. AWESOME. Uninterupted TV time is a rare commodity around here. We reveled in it.

We had planned to get up early and go get coffee and go shopping, but it started snowing Saturday night, so we scrapped that idea. A 35 minute drive in the snow wasn't my idea of fun. 

Sunday morning we slept in until about 7. Yes, that is sleeping in for us. Then we got up and I watched the news for a minute and Food Network for a bit while hubby went to go get a Sunday paper. I was too lazy to get up and make coffee even! Definitely not a good choice to watch Food Network when you are too lazy to cook. Hubby got back and made his lazy wife breakfast. I sat by the fire and sipped my coffee. Seriously, you can take your nights out, this was heaven to me. 

THEN, hold on to your hat, hubby went grocery shopping for me! I know, right. He took the list and off he went. And I, well I took a nap, giggle. I cannot remember the last time I have taken a nap. Years.

Money is too tight right now for us to buy each other anything for Valentine's Day, but hubby managed to weasel a Starbucks and a Runner's World magazine out of the grocery money:
Best present EVER. OK, second next to my blackberry :)

When hubby got back from shopping he went out to split firewood. The wood splitter wouldn't go in the cold, so he had to do it by hand. Which I always think is so hot. I know, TMI. Seriously single girls, marry a country boy. 

While he did that I decided enough lazy mommying around and took advantage of the no boy time to do some laundry and dishes. Got a lot accomplished.

Then about 5 hubby went out to get the boys and I ran on the treadmill and had a shower. 

Perfect. I texted him while he was gone: Best V-day ever. He texted back: Yes.

Sigh, I'm still all twitterpated from such a great day. The teenager stayed another night at my parents'. The little boys slept in, one until 7:45 and one until 8:30! Guess my parents wore them out, lol.

How was your Valentine's?

02.14.2010 Weigh In

Weighed in this morning at 179. That is a half a pound down for the week. Eh. I got what I put into it this week for sure.

After contemplating yesterday's post I have come to the conclusion that I am not doing everything I could be to reach my goals. I was very gung ho at the beginning of the year, but have fizzled slightly the last two weeks. I have only tracked my food a couple of days during the last two weeks and my workouts the last week have been less than stellar.

Just trying to be real with myself, and all of you, I've gotten lazy! Well, it was a nice little break, but enough is enough. I have goals I want to reach. Lazy is not going to get me there.

So, for the next week i will:
  • Track calories every single day (hold me to that!)
  • Work out 5 days
  • Keep protein up because it helps me not feel ravenous; keep carbs lower, but allow a few things I haven't been to avoid feeling so deprived.
  • Drink my water! (I am terrible at this)
I'm in a really good head space right now. I believe I can do it and that feels awesome. I have figured out some important things the last couple of weeks; had some shifts in my thinking that will be beneficial to my goals. Quite honestly it's OK with me not to go whole hog in my weight loss efforts every single week, a few weeks slightly slack is OK. I don't mean backsliding into bad habits, that's not OK with me. But I just haven't hit the workouts and food tracking as hard as I know I need to in order to get the results I want. I haven't gained weight, but maintained my weight and I feel a little refreshed, renewed, ready to go at it hard again. I think it keeps me on track for the long haul. But before I slip off into lazy land permanently it's time to get back at it!

Have a great Sunday!

Am I Really Doing Whatever it Takes?

I was talking to a couple of people on Twitter this morning about being competitive and weight loss. Which got me to thinking about the biggest loser competition I took part in a few years ago. 

It was a 3 month competition. First prize was $200, and oh boy did I get close to winning. Took second place. A boy won, but I gave him a run for his money. It came down to a pound or two that would have swung my percentage to the top spot. I was intense, I was focussed, I was going to win that money. I am a competitive person, so that really added fuel to my fire. It was actually a lot of fun. 

Thinking about this competition made me realize two things. First, money motivates me. If someone put down money and said, you can have this if you...get to 165 lbs (my goal for posting full body pics, face and all), 145 lbs (my final goal), whatever. You could bet on me doing it. I would do whatever it took to lose that weight. That has more to do with our current financial situation than my personality I think.

Second, I realized I am not doing whatever it takes. Now, if a little money waved in front of my face could make me drop fat like it was hot, then I obviously can do more than I am doing now. 

Definitely something for me to chew on.

Have a great Saturday!

It's Fabulous Friends Friday Again

I know you've all been patiently waiting for another edition of...Fabulous Friends Friday! Well, here it is. More great blogger friends I'm excited for you to meet.

First up, meet the fabulous Corletta from Corletta: It's a New Year...No More Excuses!:

Hey Ya'll!  My name is Corletta and I am 26 years old.  I started my weight loss blog January 1, 2010 as a way to not only be honest with others, but also myself.  For too long I have written down goals only to have to reread a bunch of junk that I never achieved.  In 2009, my goal was to run a marathon.  After having trained and successfully completed my first marathon, I realized that I am stronger than most of my weight loss efforts have shown.  So...this blog is my way of being completely transparent.  As a therapist, I lead others to health day in and day out.  It's my turn to lead my self to that same freedom!

Next, I'd like you to meet Andrea from Celery in the City, if I could choose a little sister, she would be it!:

If I had to sum it all up in a few sentences I would say that my blog is about learning to eat and prepare real food. I write a lot about the transition from eating dorm food and New York City fast food (since we not only have it on every block..every street has a cart of gyro and burgers too!) to eating foods that aren't processed and are natural. I started the blog after leaving a fast paced music job and feeling like a the age of 19! I'm 20 now and working towards better over all health and weight loss.

Now, please meet sweet TJ from TJ's Test Kitchen:

Hi everyone! I'm TJ!  Being a current Weight Watcher member who was looking for additional support, I stumbled onto a few blogs while surfing online, and I liked them so much that I decided to start one of my own :)  I love to cook, so I decided my blog could be a great place to share pictures and recipes of tasty meals that I prepare during the week.  My thinking is if I actually enjoy the foods I eat, then it feels less like I'm on a DIET (the dreaded D word).  I have come to firmly believe in the Weight Watcher philosophy of stop dieting and start living.  Really, the pounds didn't start coming off until I started changing the way I approach everything from shopping for groceries to planning my meals for the week.  Who says you can't lose weight and have lots of fun while doing it? :)

Meet Mary, the fabulous daredevil (did you see the bungee jump video?!) from A Merry Life:

I'm Mary and I run the blogs A Merry Life and Eats For A Merry Life, a food blog.  I always wanted to be a writer when I grew up and somehow I've turned into ahealthy living blogger, but since I'm just 23 I still have some growing up to do and maybe one day I'll be a proper writer.  I've been trying to reach my healthy goal weight since I started college.  I got close then gained all the weight back, ironically during my first year of writing a weight loss blog.  Since then I've figured out a lot about myself and grown in a number of ways that now have me back on the slow slide down the scale to a healthy weight, even with my crazy life of many jobs and no fixed address (currently I'm in New Zealand). 

Last, but never least, meet Shannan from Miss Shannan:

Howdy I’m Miss Shannan, and I’m a comedian, writer, and host here in Minneapolis, MN. My little slice of Internet heaven is and when you visit you can read my take on Fitness, Pop Culture and Reality TV.  I do the occasional giveaway and post any interesting interviews I might do with semi-famous people. I also talk about my family, because, of course, they are VERY MIND CONSUMING J
Plus, since I’m a Stand-Up Comic you can always find my show schedule prominently displayed on my blog.  I hope you come see both the blog and my comedy show. I could use the company, because talking to your self all time gets a little weird.

Say hello! Check out there blogs, they are all fabulous, beautiful people. The blogger community is so wonderfully supportive and encouraging. I am glad I could introduce you to some more of my blogger friends!

And The Winner IS....

OK, the winner didn't contact me by the deadline, drawing a new winner...Ron with entry #19. Email me at with your mailing address!

Thanks everyone!

FTC Disclaimer: provided me with this book to give away, I receive no monetary compensation for this.

Did I Ever Tell You About the Time

I figured out I could control what my husband wears...

OK, that sounds weird, but it's not quite as wacko as it sounds.

I love my hubby, but he does not give a flyin' fig what he looks like. He could care less if his shirt has a stain or a hole, or his jeans have a big grease stain on one leg; I'm not even sure he notices. 

A while back my husband came down the stairs with a shirt with holes in the front. Now, he works in a labor type job, so he didn't care. But I did. Somehow I feel like it's a reflection on me as a wife when hubby runs around looking like a hobo. I stay at home, these things are my job to me. 

"I didn't realize that had holes in it when I did the laundry, why are you wearing it?"

"Because it was on top."

Hmmm, note to self: hubby wears whatever is on top of the pile. Threw away holey shirt first chance I got and then wondered if there could be much less, "are you really going to wear that?"

Hypothesis: Can I really get hubby to wear something nice simply because of its position in 'the pile'?

Experiment: Looked at the days we had to go somewhere, counted in pile, put nice clothes in pile in that order. 

Results: That entire week hubby wore exactly what I had put in his dresser in the same order. Oh, the power!

So, now I know if we are going shopping Saturday, I just put decent jeans and a T-shirt in the Saturday spot in the pile! No more, "ugh, please don't wear that." No more making hubby feel bad; like I don't think he's gorgeous in anything. Problem solved.

Shhh, don't tell.

Day 2 One Hundred Push Ups and Two Hundred Sit-Ups Challenges

Day 2 of my 100 push ups and 200 sit-ups challenges workouts went something like this:
  • First set: 6 push ups, ugh.  "Mom, what are you doing?"  "Push ups."
  • Second set: 8 push ups, I hate push ups.  "Can I jump over you?"  "No."
  • Third set: 6 push ups, maybe girls weren't meant to do push ups on their feet! 
  • Fourth set: 6 push ups, yep, def hate push ups.  "Leave your brother alone before you make him spill his milk!"
  • Fifth set: 5 push ups (max), fail, glad that's done.
Then it was on to the sit ups.
  • First set: 15 sit ups, maybe I shouldn't have done so many in the initial test.
  • Second set: 18 sit ups, hmm perhaps hate sit ups too. <4 year old then sat on me> "Mommy isn't playing right now, I need to finish my sit ups." "Ohh!"
  • Third set: 10 sit ups, really, who does full sit ups anymore? (at this point the cat attacked my elbow, this may or may not have to do with the little falling in the toilet incident and his new nick name: toilet cat)
  • Fourth set: 10 sit ups. I miss my crunches.
  • Fifth set: who are we kidding, there was no fifth set.

To Jean or Not to Jean, THAT is the Question...

I have been contemplating buying a pair of size 6 jeans for motivation. There is a certain jean at Target right now that I really like. The 12's are getting baggy and I have been hoping they go on sale so that I can buy some 10's. (In most jeans I'm still a 12; it's just this jean I'm a 10.)

Anyhoo, I really like this cut of jean on me and have been thinking it might be good motivation and inspiration to have a size 6 in it staring at me.

However, I am NOT one to waste money...ever. I wonder, what if I don't like those jeans on my thinner me body?

Right now they are $29.99, the pair I have I got on sale for $19.99. Last time I was at Target I noticed the sizes available were diminishing. I'm not sure if this is a style they will replenish, or will just be gone?!

Is it confidence or foolishness to buy a size 6 when I'm a 12??

So, my dear blog readers, I leave the decisions up to you:

 First, I have the money in my account I buy a size 6, or do I wait until I am a size 6?

Second, is anyone nearing a size 12?? Should I do a give away of my 12's?? They're used, but not too worn (Well, they're meant to look worn, but you get the picture), and cute?!

Leave a comment with your vote!

The Brown Fat Revolution Book Giveaway!

OK, I am super excited for another giveaway Monday!

The wonderful folks over at have sent me two hardback copies of The Brown Fat Revolution by James R. Lyons, M.D. One for me to review (coming soon) and one to give away to one of my awesome readers!

FTC disclaimer: provided me with two copies of this book. One to give away and one for an unbiased review by myself. I receive no monetary compensation for any of this.

If you haven't heard about this book yet I stole a little blurb from the inside jacket of the book:
     In today's youth-obsessed culture, mixed messages about diet, exercise, and skin care are everywhere. But one thing is clear: Fat is always the enemy. Right? Wrong, says James R. Lyons, M.D. In The Brown Fat Revolution, Dr. Lyons explains that contrary to popular belief, fat is the key to a youthful-looking face and body. But it has to be the right kind of fat. Unlike the yellow, mushy, unhealthy fat that makes us look old, brown fat is healthy, firm, and resilient, and it gives our bodies a youthful appearance. In Dr. Lyons's nearly thirty years of clinical experience, he'd noticed a brown fat in lean patients. His findings pointed to the presence of different types of fat in the body suggested that the quality of the fat is determined by external factors. These observations are akin to the three April 2009 New England Journal of Medicine studies that showed that triggering a different and deeper brown fat may be the secret to a lean, healthy body.
     The Brown Fat Revolution will be the first book to shed light on superficial brown fat, revealing how it makes the body look younger and healthier, and how you can change yellow fat into brown with a specifically tailored and realistic program that includes:
  • A four-week eating plan that alternates carbohydrates and proteins, keeping blood sugar at an even keel to avoid fat production
  • A monthly exercise routine centered on weights and bungee cords--not cardio--keeping metabolism up continuously (not temporarily, as cardio does) to burn more fat
It's easy, consistent, and inexpensive. And the results will last for the rest of your life!

James R. Lyons, M.D., is a plastic surgeon practicing in Westport, Connecticut, and a former clinical instructor at Yale University and diplomate ofthe American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is certified by the ABPS and is a member ofthe American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the Connecticut Society of Plastic Surgeons, the New Haven Midical Society, and the Yale Surgical Society.

You can visit Dr. Lyons site at or his blog at for more info.

Now for the nitty gritty on the giveaway:
I am giving away to one lucky reader, one copy of The Brown Fat Revolution by James Lyons, M.D.!

4 Ways To Enter:
  1. Leave a comment below telling me if you have heard of this book before or are just hearing of it here! (I have comment moderation on to weed out spammers on my blog, don't fret if your comment doesn't show up immediately, it will).
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  • I will then use to generate the winner.
  • The winner will be announced sometime Friday.
  • I will announce the winner in a blog post here, so check back.
  • I will not be contacting winner, winner must contact me by Monday February 15, 2010 midnight mountain time, or I will draw for a new winner Tuesday.
Good luck!